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7 ways to keep your fitness motivation up during winter

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

You're not alone in your sluggishness, I promise.

Gone are the warm(ish) summer mornings where the early sunrise fills you with energy even before your morning coffee. Hello cold, dark and lethargic days that make us long for hot water bottles, fluffy socks and Netflix. BUT we know for a fact, that if we let the Grinchy, sunlight-lacking months steal our motivation to move, we let them steal our feel-good too. So instead of accepting defeat, how about we give the energy-thieves two middle fingers and get talking a

bout how we keep our motivation up, up, up!

Have a read of my personal secrets to staying on track instead of staying in bed during the winter.

1) Put it on your to-do list the night before

As with most things in life, if you don't write it down, it will get forgotten about. That includes moving our bodies. So while you're sitting on the sofa in your fluffy socks this evening, grab a pen and paper and write tomorrow's to-do list. And yes, you've got it, jot down a specific workout on there. For example, "go for a 20 minute run" or "rock a Fiercely Female Fitness circuit class". There's nothing worse than seeing an un-ticked item at the end of the day so this should help kick you up the bum to complete your workout!

2) Choose a partner in crime

It's really easy to let yourself off the hook if nobody knew you were supposed to be working out in the first place. Buddy up with a mate, plan a weekly workout together and you'll both find it harder to bail on your plans. Hold each other accountable and inspire each other as you conquer the cold together!


3) Make a fitness goal for Spring

Never mind "new year, new me"... what about "this is my goal and i'll be damned if i'm waiting for the new year to start achieving it!". Instead of accepting winter defeat and waiting until January 1st to work towards your feel-good, get a Spring fitness goal in mind and make a badass plan on how you're going to achieve it... starting from, um, now!

4) Warm up before you leave the house

This is one of my personal faves when i'm heading out for cold morning runs. Instead of leaving the house dreading the outside chill, get yourself warmed up by jogging on the spot and stretching before you step foot out of your front door. You'll get your blood pumping, a sweat started and maybe you'll even look forward to the cool air awaiting you.


5) Book a weekly class

I don't know about you but I am not a fan of wasting my hard-earned money! It's quite easy to chicken out of an activity that you've not invested anything into. What's more difficult is to chicken out of an activity that you've already spent your money on. So sign yourself up to a weekly class and feel yourself be way more inclined to get your trainers on and go! Find ladies fitness classes in Lichfield, Staffordshire here:

6) Write down how you feel

This is a really simple one that helps you to really acknowledge the mental health benefits of exercise. Before you do your core workout or head out for your run or to your class, jot down how you're feeling in a notebook. Then as soon as you get back, do the same and take a few minutes to play spot the difference: feelings edition. In the future, anytime you're struggling to find the motivation to get moving, whip out your journal and get hyped up about how you're going to feel post-workout!

7) Treat yo'self

Because you freakin' deserve it! Yes, you do. You're braving the winter cold to do something productive as hell so you better be kind to yourself and have something warm and rewarding waiting for your return. Tell yourself about the creamy hot chocolate you're going to devour, the episode of your fave program you're going to watch and the incredible night's sleep you're going to have as a celebration of your achievement. Plan it, feel it and do it. You've earned it, you sweaty, inspiring goddess!

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